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Awesome guide to Creating a Pinterest Business Account


For businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands wishing to broaden their online presence, raise awareness, and engage their target audience, a Pinterest business account is a crucial tool.

Business accounts on Pinterest offer access to Pinterest Analytics, advertisements, and other business-related features in contrast to personal accounts.

Creating a Pinterest account for your business is explained in detail here.

Creating a New Business Account is Option

Go to Pinterest Business:

Check out the Pinterest Business website.

Join Now:

Select “Sign up” from the menu.

Select the type of business:

Choose “Create a business account.” After registering with a personal account, you can also have the choice to create a business account.

Pinterest Business

Fill out this form:

Your email address, password, and age must be entered before clicking “Continue.” As an alternative, you may create an account using Google or Facebook.

Put your business information:

Choose business category, enter your company name, and click “Next.

Pinterest Business

Link to Additional Platforms (Optional):

If necessary, link up with additional social networking sites like YouTube, Etsy, or Instagram. Press “Next.

Pinterest Business

Configure an Ad Account (Optional):

Make a decision regarding running advertising on Pinterest. The necessary information must be entered, otherwise move on.

Complete setup:

After selecting your interests during setup, your business account will be prepared.

Change From a personal account to a business account!

Sign into your individual account:

Log in to your current Pinterest account for personal use.


Pinterest Business

Choose “Settings” from the menu in the top right corner. which is three dots. Account alterations from the menu on the left, choose “Account settings“.

Pinterest Business

Transform Account:

Pinterest Business

Find the “Convert account” option by scrolling down. Then select “Convert to Business Account.

Pinterest Business

Add business details:

Enter the necessary business data, including the type of business, website, and other information.

Pinterest Business

Save Settings:

Your personal account will now be transformed into a business account after you save your settings.

Additional Advice

  • Profile Enhancement By including your company’s logo, description, and contact details, you can personalize your page.
  • Create boards and start pinning articles related to your industry on Pinterest. To make your pins discoverable, use SEO tactics.
  • Analytics: Track the effectiveness of your pins and boards with Pinterest Analytics and adjust your strategy as necessary.


Q1. My personal Pinterest account can I make it into a corporate account?

A1: From your profile’s settings section, you may quickly change your personal account into a business account. Your boards and pins will all be saved.

Q2. What advantages can company Pinterest accounts offer?

A2: Business accounts get extra features including analytics to monitor performance and engagement, advertisements to advertise pins, a business profile, and Rich Pins to give pins more context.

Q3: Does setting up a business Pinterest account cost money?

A3: It’s free! There will be expenses involved if you decide to use paid promotions to attract a larger audience.

Q4: How can I validate my company’s Pinterest page?

A4: Navigate to your profile settings and select “Claim Website.” Observe the directions to validate your website. A meta tag or HTML file upload to your website is usually required.

Q5: Is it possible to use Pinterest for both personal and professional purposes?

A5: You can have both in fact. You have two options: either turn your personal account into a business account or keep your personal account while opening a new one.


Establishing a business, the setup of a Pinterest account is simple and comes with a number of advantages for companies wishing to use the platform’s large audience for engagement and marketing. To create your company account and begin pinning to improve your online presence, simply follow the steps indicated above. You can check out Pinterest’s official help section or get in touch with their support staff for further information.


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