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Novelty Shopper’s Guide: How to Use Instagram Shopping


How to Use Instagram Shopping” Starting off: Instagram is no longer just a place to share photos and videos; it’s now a thriving market where people can find and buy goods from their favorite brands.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is the function that enables all of this.

Step-by-step instructions on using Instagram shopping feature are provided here. 

access your Instagram account by opening the app. 

Press the three lines in the upper right corner and choose “Settings.” 

Press “Business.” 

Look for “Shopping.” Instagram Shopping

To join your Facebook page and set up your product catalog, 

follow the steps shown on the screen. This might need to be done with Facebook’s Commerce Manager. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Instagram Shopping Step 

Look for posts that can be bought. 

  1. Look through your Instagram page. 
  2. Find posts that have a shopping bag in the upper right spot. These posts can be bought. Instagram Shopping

Click on a post that can be bought. Instagram Shopping

  1. Click on the shoppable post that you want to see more of. 
  2. The post will have product tags on it.

Look at the product tags. Instagram Shopping

  1. Tap on a product tag to see information and the price. 
  2. You can look at more pictures, read more about the item, and click the “Shop Now” button. 

Click “Shop Now” 

  1. If you’re ready to buy, click “Shop Now” to go to the product page on the seller’s site. 
  2. Finish the purchase the same way you would on the seller’s website. 



Q: Can I save items to look at later in Instagram Shopping?

A: You can’t make a request on Instagram, but you can use the “Save” button to come back to a post later. 

Q: Can I shop on Instagram in my country?

A: Instagram Shopping is expanding to more places, so check to see if it works where you are.


Instagram Shopping lets you find and buy products from your favorite brands without leaving the app. As this feature keeps getting better, more companies are starting to use it to make shopping easier for their customers. So start shopping from your Instagram feed!


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