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iPhone 15 Series Tips and Tricks Ways to Rise


Check it out iPhone 15 Series Tips and Tricks!

Apple has always been dedicated to new ideas and good design, and it’s clear that they’re doing it again with the release of the new iPhone.

Fans and tech experts look forward to the yearly release of the iPhone. Each version brings a host of improvements, ranging from small tweaks to ground-breaking new features.

Let us begin with iPhone 15 Series Tips and Tricks

Recognize music – Very First iPhone 15 Series Tips and Tricks:

Press the new action button. On new iPhone 15 Pro, the mute button has been changed to the Action Button.

This button can do many things, such as turn on the flashlight, record a voice note, and open the camera.

For Siri Shortcuts, though, you can use it for a lot of great things.

One useful feature is that it works with Shazam, so all you have to do is press and hold the button to hear music nearby.

To get Shazam to recognize music, go to Settings > Action Button, scroll down to the button, and tap it.

iPhone 15 Series Tips

There is now a Shazam button for you.

There will be a Shazam music recognition image on your Dynamic Island when you press and hold it.

It will also let you know when it finds the song.


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Drag more than one app into a folder at the same time:

By choosing several apps, you can quickly and easily make a folder.

You can drag an app icon by tapping and holding it, then tapping on other icons while holding it.

Once you’ve chosen all the apps you want to move, drag the group into a folder you already have and let go.

Charge to 80% Only:

One way to keep your battery healthy in the long run is to only charge it up to 80%.

iOS now has a setting for this.

To use it, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and Charging.

Then, pick Charging Optimization from the list that comes up.

The 80% limit should be chosen from the list.

♠ This is the most important Tips for iPhone 15 Series

Press a button to personalize sounds:

If you triple-click the side button on iOS, you can make sounds play in the background.

To begin, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Vision and select Background Sounds.

Then, pick the sound you want it to make.

Now, press “Sound” and pick the sound you want from the list.

To make that sound play when you press the side button on your iPhone, go back to the list of Accessibility settings and tap “Accessibility Shortcut.

Pick a sound from the list called “Background Sounds.”

Then, triple-click the side key three times to play that sound. iPhone 15 Series Tips

Capture and Translate Text by Camera:

The camera has a feature that can read words right away when you point it at it.

When your phone sees text in the camera view, an icon that looks like three lines in a square will show up.

Click on that icon, and the text will be highlighted.

To copy, select all, look it up, translate, or share the word, just tap that icon.

You can even drag to select a certain area and use those same options on the marked text.


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The Most Simple Way to Cut Photos in Half:

You don’t have to go through the steps to change photos;

you can just crop them on your iPhone. Choose the picture you want in Photos, then pinch to zoom until the edges touch the screen.

To make it the right size, tap “Crop” in the upper right corner or tap and hold it to pick a ratio.

Then, tap “Crop” to make it the right size.

When you’re done, tap “Done.”

iPhone 15 Series Tips

Use photos to make stickers:

With iOS 17, you can make your own stickers to send in iMessage. The Photos app lets you make them.

Choose a shot on your iPhone that has a subject in the foreground.

You can do this on your iPhone by opening the Photos app and picking a picture with a subject in the center.

Then, press and hold that subject until you see glowing lines that separate it from its background.

Finally, choose an effect and tap “add sticker.”.

Get Apple Maps Offline:

With the new version of Apple Maps, you can download certain places to use when you’re not online.

Open Maps, tap your personal picture in the upper right corner of the screen, select “offline maps,” click “download new map,” look for a place, pinch to zoom on the map to change the size of the area, and then click “Download.

Look Up Icons for Laundry Care:

In iOS 17, Visual Look Up is smarter and can recognize more than just animals, plants, and important sites.

To use Visual Look Up, take a picture of a laundry care sticker and then tap the “i” with stars in the bottom toolbar.

Then, from the pop-up menu> Visual Look Up.

This will show you what those laundry care icons on that label mean.

Make a secret button out of the Apple logo:

If you have the right settings on your phone, hitting the back near the Apple logo can take a picture or open a different app.

Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap is where you should go.

Pick one from the list of things that the double tap can do.

You can even add something for the triple tap.

Use Labels to Manage Multiple Timers:

You can set more than one timer with different names.

Open the clock, go to “Timers,” pick the time you want, change the title, and then press “Start.”

In the upper right area, tap the “+.”

Do the same thing for the next timed item.

Siri can also set more than one timer with different names.

Copy and Paste Photo Changes:

You can copy and paste changes you’ve made to one picture to make them to many others at once.

You can open a picture, change it, add effects and filters, and then save it.

In the corner, tap the three dots and choose “Copy Edits” from the drop-down menu. Then, go back to library> “Select” in the top> tap the three dots in the bottom corner> “Paste Edits.”

to style the photograph.

13. Only shoot in LOG (15 Pro/15 Pro Max):

Apple added the option to shoot in Log to the iPhone 15 Pro.

This gives color graders more color data to work with.

To test it, go to Settings > Camera > Formats, turn on ProRes, pick “ProRes Encoding,” and pick “Log.” To log, open the camera, switch to video mode, and tap “Log” in the menu at the top.

For some images and frame rates, you may need an external SSD.

When you’re ready, press the record button.

For your main camera, pick a different focal length:

You can change the focal length of your main camera on the iPhone 15 Pro from the wide 24mm that comes with it by default. To find the “Main Camera,” go to Settings > Camera.

Once you choose a normal focal length, that will be the first thing you see when you open the camera app.

Use the trackpad on your keyboard:

The keyboard on the iPhone has a mouse built in.

If you hold down the space bar while typing, the keyboard will fade out and the whole area will become a notepad.

With your thumb, you can move the cursor right to where you want to make changes.


If you dig into your iPhone and play around with the settings and options, you might find even more ways to improve your experience and make it work better.



Are these iPhones resistant to dust and water? 

A6. Yes, both products have an IP68 classification. 

What colors do these iPhones come in? 

A7. Color options for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max: Black, White, Blue, and Natural Titanium.

What kinds of storage space do these iPhone models come with

A4. Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro has storage options of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. You can choose between 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB of storage on the iPhone 15 Pro Max..


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