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How to find deleted WhatsApp messages


How to find deleted WhatsApp messages, it can be annoying to figure out how to quickly delete a WhatsApp message, but Android users now have a way to do it.

Android’s built-in Notification History makes it easy to find those mysteriously deleted messages.

Turn on History Notifications:

Take a few simple steps to figure out what happened to your lost messages:

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Settings.

2. Click on Notifications.

deleted WhatsApp messages

3: Click on Notification History.

deleted WhatsApp messages
4. Turn it on. Now, when you get a notification, your gadget will record it, so you can see old messages.

deleted WhatsApp messages

Check Out Deleted Messages:

Being interested in something didn’t just kill the cat; it added it to the past of notifications:

1. Go back todeleted WhatsApp messages Settings.

deleted WhatsApp messages
2. Click on Notifications once more.

deleted WhatsApp messages
3. Open Notification History to see a list of all the notifications you’ve gotten, even the ones you thought you removed, including those annoying ones.

deleted WhatsApp messages

Please remember the following:

  • The notification log only shows the preview text of notifications, so you may not always see the full deleted message.
  • The log can only hold so many notifications at a time; new ones will replace old ones, so move quickly.
  • Give the sender privacy; if they deleted a message on purpose, that’s what they meant to do.



Q1: Will the Notification History show me the whole text of removed messages?

A1: No, the notice History only shows a look at the message that shows up in the notice bar.

Q2: What is the length of time that messages stay in the Notification History?

A2: It changes because new alerts will make old ones obsolete. Make sure you don’t miss the deleted messages by quickly checking the notification log.

Q3: Does this feature work on all Android phones and tablets?

A3: The availability can change based on the model of gadget and version of Android. For the best experience, always make sure that your device is up to date.

Q4: Can I get back video files that I deleted from WhatsApp?

A4: Not surprisingly, no. The Notification History only saves text from alerts and not audio or video files.

Q5. Is it moral to look at texts that have been deleted?

A5: Privacy must be respected. For a reason, the person who sent the message would delete it. Be aware of other people’s privacy when you use this tool.

 The Notification History tool on Android makes it easier to get back WhatsApp messages that you have deleted. Using a third party is not necessary because the answer works well and doesn’t cause any problems.

As you look into this feature, it is very important to keep other people’s privacy and goals in mind. Keep an eye on updates, as device features can change between Android versions and models. This will help you have the best and safest experience possible as a user.

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